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Hello, readers! My name is Ivan Bernatović. Welcome to TechyFingers, a place where you can find out everything about modern web development. I am a web developer and a Software Engineering student at Faculty of Electrical Engineering Osijek.

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Motivation and content

Since I can remember I’ve always loved technology, computers, video games and tech stuff in general. That passion for technology turned me into a programmer and here I am now, writing code and learning new things every day. A few years ago I got more interested in web development and then I discovered many languages, libraries and frameworks. I’m mostly going to talk about Laravel PHP framework since it’s my main “tool of the trade”. However, since I’m a full stack developer I’m also working with front end stuff a lot. Bottom line: I’ll talk about everything I’m using and working on right now. I’m going to try to help others by writing clear, educational posts about problems I solve while working on real world projects. Therefore, I plan to mostly  make “How to” tutorials. But also more in-depth posts where I’ll try to explain how some library/framework works. Basically everything that makes your development experience simpler and more satisfying.

I hope it will be helpful, enjoy!

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